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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Dear Comrades! The news item as printed in the Deccan Herald dated 3.10.2007 on the Sixth Pay Commission is reproduced below. This is only the version of the above news paper reproduced without our comments:

35 pc raise likely in Central wages

Revised payscales for Central government and Central PSU employees may be announcedearlier than expected as theManmohan Singh government, faced with the possibility of snap polls to theLok Sabha, is understood tohave sounded the Sixth PayCommission for early submission of its recommendaBut the employees areunlikely to get as attractiveapackage as they have demanded in the presentations they have alreadymade before the Pay Commission through theirunions and associations.Expected salary increasesfor an estimated 55 lakhCentral employees could be in the range of 30 to 35 percent of the existing salariesand new scales will be operative from January 1,2006. The Pay Commissionheaded by Justice B N Srikrishna is understood to havebeen asked by the Union Finance Ministry to submit asummary of its recommendations on the new payscales along with its financial implications for thetreasury so as to help itwhile preparing the nextbudget. As such, the Pay Commission, which started itswork in October 2006, hastime till April next to finalise its recommendations since it was given 18 months'time. Obviously,the possibilityof a mid-term poll has introduced an element of urgency about announcing revised pay scales. The various unions and associations have sought, on an average, a 50 per cent hike in salaries,with a basic salary of Rs one lakh and above at the top executive level. However, the Pay Commission is not likely toendorse this view of the various unions. How much for whom As per a draft recommendation prepared by the Pay Commission, gross salary increases which would beimplemented with retrospective effect from January 1, 2006, would be in the range of 30 to 35 per cent of the existing salaries. According to sources familiar with the draft recommendations already prepared by the Pay Commission, the basic salary of the Cabinet Secretary — the topmost civil servant of the Government of India — is proposed to be Rs 80,000 as against the existing basic pay of Rs 30,000.

At present, the basic payof a Secretary to the government of India is fixed at Rs26,000. According to thedraft,the revised fixed basicpay would be Rs 75,000. The draft recommendation is understood to havefavoured fixed basic pay forspecial secretaries,additional secretaries and joint secretaries at the rate of Rs70,000, Rs 65,000 and Rs60,000. The draft has proposed to slash the number ofpay scales from existing 38 tojust 16.At the lowest end,theexisting basic pay scale thatstarts from Rs 2,550 is proposed to be revised to Rs 6,500 (Group D). For GroupC, the lowest existing basicpay scale starting with Rs4,500 is proposed to begin atRs 10,000. For Group B (nongazetted) staff, two payscales are proposed, onestarting with Rs 12,500 andthe another at Rs 15,000. ForGroup B the starting basic isproposed at Rs 17,500,juniorscale could be revised fromthe existing starting basic ofRs 8,000 to Rs 20,000 and senior scale is proposed to start with a basic pay of Rs 25,000. The proposed basic pay scale for deputy secretary level officers starts with Rs 30,000 as against the existing Rs 12,300 and for director level officers it is proposedto be revised from the existing Rs 16,400 to Rs 42, 000.Forunder secretary, deputy secretary and director level officers,there would be only one scale each. All employeesare proposed to get their annual increment every year on January 1. The existing HRA rates are proposed to be retained, though there would be upper ceilings of Rs 12,000, Rs 6,000, Rs 3,000 and Rs 2,000 depending on the city. The CCA is proposed at 4,3, 2 and 1 per cent, depending on the city classification.Transport allowance is proposed at 6 per cent in A-1 and A class cities and 3 per cent in other cities.
* New Scale will be operative from Jan 1, 2006.
* Number of pay scales to be slashed from 38 to 16.
* All employees to get their annual increment Jan 1 each year and all retirements to take place  on the last day of December.
* For the top most Civil Servant of Government of India, the Cabinet Secretary, the basic is proposed to go up from Rs.30,000 to Rs.80,000.
* At the lowest end, the existing basic pay scale that starts from Rs.2550 is proposed to be revised to Rs.6,500 [Group D employees].
* Existing HRA rates to be retained with an upper ceilings of Rs.12000, Rs.6000, Rs.3000 and Rs.2000 depending on the City classification.
* CCA is proposed at 4,3,2,and 1 percent, depending on the city classification.
* Transport Allowance is proposed at 6% in A1 and A Class cities and 3% in other cities.
Comrades are once again informed that the above is only the news item from the Deccan Herald without our comments. We could not get any confirmation on this from the Governement side.



Mysore Head Post Office said...

Dear Commrade

This blog is a good one for the work force giving valuable information. It will be better if the comments of experts in the field is also put regarding pay commssion recommandation or news items. Link may also please be created to the sites which gives latest information regarding Pay Commission

sudhamurukesan said...

Dear Comrade,

Very happy to communicate through the new website meant for our union. A detailed comment of our union especially our KVS upon the pay commission report published in Deccan Herald is solicited.

Anonymous said...

Dear comrade,
Very much impressed on seeing the latest news through our web site. Well done. Keep going on with success

By S.Ramachandran, Madurai.

G. Senthil Kumar said...

Dear Comrade,

We very much happy about the news uploaded and your promptness in bringing them to the knowledge of the rank and file of the union

G. Senthil kumar