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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

General Secretary's Desk



A Special Meeting with Ms. Suneeta Trivedi, Chief General Manager
(PLI) was held at PLI Directorate on 1.10.07 to sort out the issues
pertaining to Decentralisation of PLI and other connected issues. Sri
Gautam Bhattacharya, Addl General Manager (PLI), Sri Rajagopalan,
Chief Accounts officer & others present. On behalf of our Union Com.
K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary and Com. Balwinder Singh, Asstt.
Treasurer attended the meeting. The following are the outcome.

Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI work of Divisional level

The Directorate has issued orders to grant honorarium to divisional
office staff for processing of PLI/RPLI proposals vide its letter No.
29-12/2001-LI dt. 3.7.07. We suggested that the rate of honorarium
should be uniform at all circles and the cap of Rs. 4000/- should be
removed. The copy of the Directorate orders is enclosed.

Posting of PLI Data through HPO TPS.

We pointed out the contents of our letter dt. 15.5.07 about the
disadvantage of HPO TPS software and also the advantage of Meghdoot
Millennium Software in posting of PLI. The CGM informed that a bridge
software is being ready for use to sort out the Problems in TPS
software. It was assured to send detailed reply after sorting out this

Grant of honorarium/ incentive to Accounts Branch staff for
preparation of RPLI schedules

We discussed in details about the need & importance of the schedule
works, we are performing at Accounts branch. The CGM agreed to
consider and grant incentive for the schedule work performing at
Accounts branches in Head Post offices.

Grant on incentive for accounting & processing RPLI Proposals at
Accounts office

After elaborated discussions, it is agreed to consider to fix
incentive for the work performed by the SPMs of the Accounts office.

Spot Payment of incentive amount due to BPM/SPMS for Securing RPLI business

We discussed about the proposal of delinking the payment of incentive
from allotment of funds to BPMs/SPMs for procuring RPLI business.

The present method of verifying the bills at HOS with schedules which
is laborious has been explained and the need for incentive for such
extraordinary work has been detailed.

After discussion, it was agreed to consider our suggestion to effect
payment of incentive directly from C.O/R.O based on the ledger entries
every month so that it will reduce the unwarrented paper work being
executed for this work.

Utilising the services of PRI (P)s & SPMs for procurement of PLI business.

We discussed that all Group C official should be authorised for
procurement of PLI/RPLI business and the restriction of only two
officials per division should be removed forthwith.
Based on earlier representation & letters, the Directorate has already
caused order vide its No. 28-05/201-LI dt. 18.5.07 intimating that the
total strength of PAs selected for procurement of PLI/RPLI business
will be decided by the Heads of Circle depending on the local

Cash award for procuring PLI/RPLI Policies

We mentioned that the Postman staff who procured more business while
comparing other D.Os has not been brought under the Cash Award at
Chennai which will demotivate the staff who work hard for the
business. We stressed that this provision should be reviewed and

Calculation of Service Tax and Education cess in respect of PLI/RPLI business.

We made a reference that the Service Tax & Education cess should be
inbuilt in the premium and explained the practical problems being
faced at BOs/AOs.

The CGM stated that from 1.11.07, it will be in built and there is no
need to collect Service Tax & Education cess while collecting premium.
We record our thanks for this good decision.

Fixing Time Factor for RPLI work.

The PLI Directorate has sent proposal to fix Time factor for the RPLI
work at BOS which can be equated with S.B. transactions. The grant of
incentive to BPMS is nothing but similar to the incentive granted to
D.O. (PLI). The need for fixing Time Factors for work calculation
(point) and for taking into account for 'value return' has been
focussed by the PLI Directorate to the Establishment branch of the
Directorate. This is certainly a good news for the GDS Comrades.

We recorded our thanks to the CGM & AGM, & other officers have having
invited us and offered chance to discuss the problems we are facing as
grass not level. We have been assured to include our name in the
mailing list. Some important orders we collected from the PLI
Directorate are appended herewith.

With fraternal greetings,

Comradely yours,

General Secretary

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KANIVEL said...

Many of the rural POs have to be converted as " No quarters office" due to:
01. Most of them are unfit for occupation.
02. Nobody will be ready to loose higher rate of HRA & Transport allowance for un occupied quarters.
03. Nobody wants double punishment. Apart from financial loss, most of CLASS II offices are manned by single official. thereby he is doing the work of two men. Therefore He will have more work and less pay.
kindly take necessary action at all India level.
Velusamy. r, Namakkal, TN
email ID: kanivel2004@rediffmail.com