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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

CHQ: 2151/1, D. G. Bhawan, New Patel Road, New Delhi - 110008

Ref:P/4-1/IPPB                                                           Dated – 18.09.2019


The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001

Sub:-   Unrealistic target fixed on IPPB work in post offices. – request to record objection in the 19th meeting and also announce immediate programme demanding to withdraw the impracticable target on IPPB fixed

In order to record our protest against the arbitrary and unjust fixation of target on IPPB accounts among the employees, We are boycotting the scheduled meeting on 19.9.2019 on sensitizing of IPPB with the union representatives.

The instructions vide letter no F. No. 2-9201 1 1261201 9-Coord./O&M dated 12.9.2019 fixing a target of 5 crores IPPB accounts; 2 crores SSA accounts are arbitrary, unjust and unrealistic.

All are impracticable for the accounting year 2019-20 and in the subsequent orders vide File No.1-212019-PBl  dated 13.9.2019 fixing a target of 6 IPPB accounts per counter 3 IPPB accounts for postmen and for GDS 4 IPPB accounts per week  and also the same no of digital transactions shall also be done by the respective cadre. This is also practically infeasible and this is tantamount to more pressure to the staff who are suffering in the midst of acute shortage of staff as well as CSI network connectivity problem etc.

We cannot remain as mute spectator at this juncture and every time, the officials are being tortured with the unrealistic targets in the midst of poor infrastructure, network and SAP. The fixing of target to the counter PA is arbitrary.

It is therefore, we registered our protest as well as demanding to withdraw the target. If not, the CHQ will announce immediate programme of action culminating to strike.

A line in reply about the action taken is highly solicited.

Yours sincerely,

(R. N. Parashar)
General Secretary

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