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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Dear Comrades,
On a decision of the NFPE Federal Secretariat two all India Associations for SBCO employees and Civil Wing employees have been formed. I am reproducing the NFPE circular hereunder in this regard. I request all Circle Secretaries and Divisional and Branch Secretaries to undertake all measueres to enroll as much SBCO employees as members of the newly formed SBCO Association. CHQ will issue a separate circular in this regard shortly. With regards. - KVS General Secretary.




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PF-01(e)/2/2008                                                                          Dated 24.03.2008




All General / Circle Secretaries

NFPE Unions.


Dear Comrades,




The Department of Posts has refused to permit SBCO Officials as members of P3 Union under the CCS [RSA] Rules, 1993. Similarly the Postal Civil Wing employees are not allowed to continue as members of our Administrative employees Union. This situation is resulting in the following anomalous situation:


  1. Majority of NFPE P3 SBCO Members are made non-members. Earlier they were active members and leaders of P3 Union.
  2. There is no recognized union for Postal Civil Wing employees.
  3. Their participation in our strikes and programmes are purely voluntary basis and no organisation of our own is there to guide them and mobilize them in all programmes.
  4. The problems of SBCO Employees cannot be effectively focused before the Government and the Department and the existing unions or associations of SBCO are not associating with the general NFPE movement in our programmes and strikes and always keep distance with the mainstream of the TU Movement; and
  5. Since the present membership verification is for 5 years, there would not be any possibility for us to end the present stalemate with regard to our members working under these wings of the department for such a long time till the next verification is ordered.


Taking all these factors into consideration, and the restriction of time available before us to form any association and submit application for verification before 25th March 2008, the Federal Secretariat of NFPE, which met on 12.03.2008 in the Office of the NFPE, had unanimously decided to explore all possibilities for forming our own All India Associations for SBCO and also for Postal Civil Wing and submit to Department before due date. On recognition these Associations start the process of democratization of the organisation by holding CWC meeting and would apply for affiliation with the NFPE and then the Circle Conferences and ultimately the first AIC. There is no other alternative before us.


Accordingly a meeting of leading SBCO Comrades met in the NFPE on 13.03.2008 and formed the All India Postal SBCO Employees Association.     [AIPSBCOEU]. The list of CHQ Office Bearers is enclosed herewith.


After mutual consultation with the Comrades in the Postal Civil Wing who are much interested to form a union, the All India Postal Civil Wing Employees Association  [AIPCWEA] was also formed. The list of Office Bearers of the CHQ is enclosed herewith.   


The newly formed Associations have submitted their application forms to the Department of Posts for undergoing verification of membership along with all documents. The General Secretary of the SBCO Association Comrade Asit Das would be releasing a separate circular to all SBCO Employees inviting them to join the newly formed NFPE brand of SBCO Association in order to defend the rights of SBCO employees and effectively ventilate their problems before the government and department along with the mighty NFPE Federation and its all other affiliated organizations. The General Secretary P3 CHQ also would issue a circular shortly requesting the full support and cooperation of all P3 Circle Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries to strengthen the newly formed All India postal SBCO Employees Association [AIPSBCOEU].


Similarly the General Secretary of the All India Postal Civil Wing Employees Association [AIPCWEA] Com. S.A.Raheem would release a circular to all employees of Postal Civil Wing seeking them to join the organisation of their own under the banner of NFPE to defend their interests and rights. The General Secretary Admn Union would release a circular to all Admn Circle and Regional Secretaries to help in building the Postal Civil Wing Employees Association.




NFPE requests all our Circle/Regional/Divisional/Branch Secretaries in general and P3 and Admn Circle / Regional Secretaries and P3 Divisional and Branch Secretaries in particular to take care of the task of strengthening the newly formed SBCO and Civil Wing Associations to ensure that these two organizations also emerge as the single largest recognized Associations of the respective category of employees. Let us render all help and assistance to these comrades in building up the structure of these two organisations.


The newly formed Associations may not have representatives in the CHQ body from all Circles and therefore the Circle Secretaries of our affiliated Organisations in general and the P3 Circle Secretaries in particular are requested to help in identifying a Circle representative for these Associations to sign the membership declaration forms for submission to DDOs in such circles where no CHQ office bearer at present.


Let us raise upto the task.




The verification of membership for all Unions / Associations is under issue. The All India Unions / Associations have submitted our applications to the Department of Posts before due date. The Orders under issue will stipulate the method to be followed by the Divisional Secretaries. There will be 40 days time from 1.4.2008 to 10.05.2008 for collection and submission of declarations to DDOs. It is our task to enroll as much membership with a target of 80% membership in all our affiliated unions. Take the task seriously and accomplish in style. NFPE is confident that our entire rank and file will register its strength and emerge the winner in all categories.


NFPE requests our Circle Secretaries to circulate the Photostat copies of this Circular to all their Regional / Divisional / Branch Secretaries and guide them in our task at hand.


With Regards



Comradely Yours





Secretary General



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