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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Dear Comrades,
Greetings. The items discussed and decisions reached in the Standing Committee Meeting of JCM National Council on 7.3.2008 are reproduced from the Confederation Circular:





Dated: 8th March, 2008

Dear Comrade,


The Standing Committee of the National Council met on 7th March, 2008.  The meeting was presided over by the Secretary, Personnel, Shri S. Misra. The meeting discussed the left out items in the agenda of the 14th December, 2007 meeting.  In the initial remarks made by the Staff Side, the following issues were raised.


1.      The non-holding of the meeting of the National Council and Standing periodically as per the provisions of the constitution of the JCM and demanding the intimation of the date for the next meeting of the National Council.

2.      Grant of revised bonus on the basis of the enhanced ceiling limit.

3.      Final view of the Government on the implementation of the Board of Arbitration Awards.

4.      The discontinuance of the practice of referring the non arbitrable items for the further negotiation with the Committee of Ministers;

5.      Arbitrary and unilateral reference of the anomaly committee items to the 6th Pay Commission which has deprived the staff side to present their case before the commission

6.      Amendment to the terms of reference of the 6th Pay Commission without any intimation to the Staff Side.

7.      The delay in the grant of recognition for several organizations that had made applications for verification and reverification.

8.      The impending strike action by the CGHS Employees Association and the requirement of the Government's intervention and negotiation to avert the strike.

9.      The delay in taking decision in respect of the risk allowance for the employees of the new ordnance factories.

10.  The necessity to take an immediate decision in the matter of removing the ceiling on compassionate appointment in the light of the detailed note submitted by the Staff Side.

11.  The reduction effected in the rates of impatient treatment and consequent denial of hospitalization for the CGHS beneficiaries.


The response was as under:-

(a)    Meeting of the National Council will be held soon

(b)   The discontent of the employees in the matter of denial of enhanced bonus has been brought to the notice of the Govt. and the same is being considered.

(c)    The crux of the discussion between the official and staff side on the implementation of the arbitration awards have been placed before the Cabinet Secretary for taking a final view.  No further discussion with the staff side is contemplated.

(d)   The Pay Commission has assured the Govt. to submit their report within the time schedule  i.e. before 6th April, 2008

(e)    Steps have been taken to expedite grant of recognition to the Service Associations. The Staff Side will give a list of organizations, which has completed all formalities and awaiting recognition for the effective monitoring of the DOPT

(f)     The Chairman asked the Health Ministry to hold discussions with the representatives of the All India CGHS Association and if necessary with the Staff Side with a view to avert the strike action. The reduction in the rates were effected on the basis of the grouping of cities which have been reviewed and city-wise rates have been notified in respect of seventeen stations and in respect of the rest, the notification would be issued soon. The Health Ministry officials informed that action has been taken against the hospital for the unfortunate death of an beneficiary officer (who was not hospitalized and treated for kidney failure) at Chennai. Some of the Staff Side members will be meeting the Health Ministry officials on 10th of 11th and assurance has been held out for a meeting with the Health Secretary very soon.

(g)    The risk allowance issue concerning Defence employees stands referred to the Department of Expenditure.  The DOE was asked to dispose of the issue in the light of the requirement that the new ordnance factory employees must not be denied the benefit of risk allowance when the other are being given on the basis of the approved 41 risk factors.

(h)    The Chairman apprehended that the 6th CPC might not take cognizance of the reference made to them on the anomaly issues.

(i)      The Chairman assured that whatever procedure had been adopted in the past in the case of non arbitrable items would continue to be followed.

(j)     The detailed Note given by the Staff Side in the matter of compassionate appointments is said to be under consideration to remove the discrimination between the Railway employees and others. . The Staff Side said that they would furnish the number of pending applications department wise soon.




Agenda items:


            The outcome of discussion on the left over agenda items in brief is as under:



Increase in the incentive bonus to workshop staff on merger of DA

The Railway Ministry will give their decision very soon


Revised rates of subscription and insurance cover under CGIS

Decision will be taken within three month.


Remote locality allowance to Mussorie

MOF was asked to consider this demands on the basis of the discussion held in the meeting on line with Shimla


Conveyance allowance.

Await the 6th CPC recommendation


Natural calamity advance

Amendment to GFR 247 is awaiting decision of the Cabinet Secretary


5th CPC anomaly

Please see the remark at(h) above


Grant of ACP for canteen employees

Decision of the CAT has been implemented.


Fresh option for pension benefit. Canteen employees

CAT decision has been implemented.


Benevolent fund

Fresh note submitted by the Staff Side. This would be considered and decision communicated in a month's time. 


Increase in the fixed medical allowance.

Not agreed to


Ex-gratia for SRPF retirees

The order having been quashed by the Court, the DOE will take a decision in the matter quickly.


Commutation of pension to retirees against whom disciplinary proceedings are pending.

The matter is being examined.


Family pension for widowed step mother.

Disagreement will be recorded.


Relaxation  in pension rules to take into account the notional fixation benefit

This will be considered.


Training period to be treated as Pension.

Orders issued. The proviso in the order will be redrafted.


Second ACP to Junior Accounts and Auditors

Disagreement will be recorded


Compassionate Appointments

Please see remarks at (j) above.


Stepping up of the pay of senior on par with the juniors who were granted ACP

The High Court judgment in the matter will be examined.


Counting of  full service rendered as casual labour for pension

This would be examined in the light

Of the discussion.


Protecting the benefits of temporary status employees on regularization.

Agreed to.


The reversion to lower post as a penalty should only for a specified period

The clarification to the effect that such reduction can be for an unlimited period of time will be reconsidered.


Regularization of casual employees employed after 1993

Instructions will be reiterated to implement the Supreme Court judgment for one time regularization of those who rendered 10 years of service. In respect of other, the suggestion of the staff side to introduce a "deemed temporary status" position will be considered.


Change of fixation of pay on unanticipated development or change in rules

Clarificatory orders will be issued within a fortnight delegating the powers to the concerned Ministry/Department.


H.Qrs allowance to Group C and D. employees.

The staff side to give a detailed note.


Fixation of pay on promotion- exercise of option.

The suggestion of staff side that the option should be obtained after intimating the relative benefit was accepted.


Revision of rates of Educational Assistance

Await 6th CPC recommendation.


Night duty allowance to Chowkidar

Staff Side has submitted the note


Implementation of pending awards.

Please see remark (c) above. In respect of higher pay scales to Audit and Accounts cadres, the staff side offered that the revision may be effected notionally from 1.1.86 and actual payment effected from. 1.1.2006.The Official side has noted this offer.




            With greetings,


Yours fraternally,



Secretary General.




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