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Saturday, April 5, 2008



Dear Comrades! An informal meeting with the Staff side was held by the DDG [Estt] on 4.4.2008 on Pay Commission. The NFPE was represented by the Secretary General and all the General Secretaries of P3, P4, R3,R4, Admn and Postal Accounts. This is purely an informal meeting and further meeting would take place. The Federations are asked to submit a written note on anomalies. It has been assured that before sending any final report to the Finance Secretary, the Staff Side would be called for another discussion. The details about this informal meeting are given under: -
K.V.Sridharan General Secretary.



Deputy Director General [Establishment] had invited the Staff Side representatives of NFPE and FNPO for an informal meeting on 4.4.2008 to discuss on issues relating to 6th CPC recommendations for Postal Officials. The ADG [Estt] and the Director [SR] also participated from the official side.



Comrades K.Ragavendran [SG NFPE]; K.V.Sridharan [GS P3]; Ishwar Singh Dabas [GS P4]; Giriraj Singh [GS R3]; P.Suresh [GS R4]; S.P.Mukherjee [GS Admn]; and P.Rajanayagam [GS Postal A/Cs] represented the NFPE.


The following issues prominently found highlighted among other issues in this informal discussion:


  1. End of Group D in Central Government Services and its effects; Fate of Promotional Avenue of GDS etc: This is a common issue for all CG Employees. Moreover we raised the question as to from which date [viz., either from 1.1.2006 or from a prospective date] the upgraded scale would be made available to the Group D who are not possessing Matriculation. We made it clear that all CG Employees including the Group D should get the benefit of pay revision from 1.1.2006 only and not from any other date. We expressed that any abolition of Group D or denying the promotional avenue of three lakhs of GDS to the upgraded Group D posts on seniority basis as at present would be a serious issue.


  1. TBOP/LSG Supervisors and all other officials to be supervised by them on the same pay band; its effects: It was emphasized that due to placing the TBOP / LSG Supervisors in the pay band of PB1, not only the TBOP / LSG get less benefit but also it creates an anomaly wherein all other officials supervised by the LSG and the Supervisors are placed in the same pay scale.


  1. Supervisory Allowances to Supervisors: We tried to elucidate whether the Department will come forward to reintroduce supervisory allowances for distinguishing supervisors with higher responsibilities?


  1. Neglect of System Administrators and Marketing Executives: The neglect by the Pay Commission of these sections was effectively pointed out and  remedy emphasized.


  1. Issues of MMS Staff: The Artisans and Chargehand are placed in the same scale.


  1. Issue of Sorters in Postal Accounts: This is a neglected cadre and this may be merged with the LDCs.


It was suggested by the DDG [Estt] that both NFPE and FNPO Federations may submit a Note in writing on all issues of anomaly with regard to Postal issues for the consideration of the Department. He told that there will be another meeting before the Department of Posts finalizes and sends its report to Finance Ministry.


We requested for improvement on the above issues and assured that a note will be submitted by us as sought for.


Dear Comrades, the Federation and the CHQ got some feed back from some comrades from different circles after reading our web sites. It is requested that concrete suggestions on the following may be sent to NFPE / respective CHQs through emails or other communications:


  1. What stand should be taken by us with regard to the upgradation of Group D as Group C in the scale of Pay Band 1? Please keep in mind that the minimum wages suggested by the pay commission is being disputed by the Staff Side JCM National Council and that therefore the minimum wages is a matter for bilateral negotiations with the Government. If the minimum wages are enhanced and that a further upgraded pay is offered for all Group D in the Department, then what should be our stand?


  1. Whether the upgradation is accepted by the department for all Group D including non-test category after training and granted the higher scale of Pay Band 1, should we accept it or still oppose it?


  1. There is the question of promotional avenue adversely affected if the upgraded posts are not opened to the GDS. This requires further consultations with the department, as still the study of the pay commission report by the department is not completed. The Department may agree to continue to promote the GDS against the vacancies of upgraded Group D scales as before because there is another promotional avenue to postmen   cadre also is now available to GDS.  The Postmen scale is still higher than the upgraded Group D scale now. Therefore what should be our position if these promotional avenues to GDS are agreed to be continued by the Department?


  1. What is the suggestion we can concretely place for TBOP / LSG who are placed in Pay Band 1? Will it be alright if we demand placing them in Pay Band 2 in the pre-revised scale of pay of 5000-7000 and elevating the BCR / HSG-II to 5500-9000 even though both will be technically in the same pay band 2 with identical Grade Pay? Actually this was the scale for TBOP and BCR in the Telecom Department for TBOP and BCR. If better suggestions are there within the framework of the recommended pay scales by the pay commission please suggest.


  1. The Pay commission has not given any recognition to the supervisory staff. Whether we can demand supervisory allowance for norm based LSG / HSG-II/ HSG-I to distinguish them from non-functional staff?


  1. In the absence of a recommendation by the pay commission for System Administrators / Marketing Executives, can we suggest for advance increments or Special Allowance to these staff as an interim measure and continue to press for a separate establishment for these categories in future?


  1. Any other suggestions on any other issue please communicate.



Comrades are requested to send their response by emails to the following email Ids:






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