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Friday, February 5, 2010


Postal Departmental Anomaly Committee Meeting
was held today [5.2.2010] in the Committee Room
Dak Bhawan New Delhi
Meeting was held by the Chairman Anomaly Committee Shri.A.K.Sharma DDG Estt. and attened by DDG P and other members of Official Side.
Staff Side was represented by Comrades K.V.Sridharan Leader Staff Side; Giriraj Singh Secretary Staff Side; K.Ragavendran Member; D.Theagarajan Member; Ishwar Singh Dabas Member; S.P.Mukherjee Member and D.Kishanrao Member.
The issues discussed and the situation arising out the discussion are as follows:
1. Placement of TBOP/BCR PA/SA at lower level in comparison to same cadre in Telecom: The stand of the Official Side is that this is not an anomaly of 6th CPC. However it was agreed by the Chiarman that the issue would be re-examined independently of the anomaly committee.
2. Denial of HIgher Pay Scale and also denial of special allowance of PO&RMS Accountants for fixation of pay on promotion: The Official Side took the position that this is also not an anomaly of the 6th CPC but agreed to examine the issue for making a favourable reference to the Nodal Ministry.
3. Anomaly of omission of grant of PB2 to Postal Machine Assistants renamed as Technical Postal Assistants: The Official Side agreed to have a re-check with all aspects raised by the Staff Side.
4. Head Mailman - disturbance of relativity with Postman/Mailguard following 5th CPC: The Official Side took the same position that this is not an anomaly of 6th CPC. AFter discussion in which the decision of the Departmental Council JCM in the year 1978 was pointed out, the Chairman stated that only the willing seniors at BCR Group D level with pay on par with Postman/Mailguard will be posted against Head Mailman post.
5. Chargehand - Placement of Chargehand in PB-2 rather than its merger with Artisan Grade I: Chairman agreed the justification of this Anomaly and stated the Department has taken up this issue with the DOPT for settlement.
6. Artisan Grade I - Common cadre including Railways and Defence - Parity from 01.01.1996: The Official Side pointed out that the anomaly existed after 5th CPC has been set right by the 6th CPC. Therefore there is no anomaly arising after 6TH CPC. However on the question of parity with Railways and Defence would be re-exmined.
7. Data Entry Operators - Lower placement than other Central Government Departments: The creation of DEO Posts by matching savings on direction from Directorate in Chennai DAP and the denial of 4000-6000 pay to these employees has been elaborately discussed. The Official Side contended that this cannot be taken as a 6th pay commission anomaly since the cadre of DEO has not been created in DoP so far. The Official Side admitted that follow up measurers should have been taken at that time itself for creating Recruitment Rules etc. However it is agreed that the issue would be addressed by creating the said DEO cadre with appropriate Recruitment Rules.
8. Cash Handling Allowance to PO & RMS Treasurer - allowing alowance at par with Cashiers in administrative offices: Once again the official side did not agree this as an anomaly of the 6th CPC. After much discussion it was suggested by the Official Side that we may have to make out a strong case in this matter and requested the staff side to provide such vital points in justification which will be examined by Official Side and taken up.
9. Sorters in DAP - relativity disturbance from 5th CPC compared to Postman cadre: On explaining that the Sorter Cadre which was a promotional cadre to Group D is now placed in the same level with Group D, the Official Side suggested that this has to be set right through cadre restructuring. We pointed out that a recommendation to merge sorters wtih LDC is not been implemented. It was agreed to proceed in this issue along with cadre restructuring.
10. Grant of Supervisory Allowance to LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I supervisors - non grant of graded supervisory allowance: The Official Side pointed out that this is not an anomaly of 6th CPC.
11. Anomaly in connection with revision of pay scale of BCR Group D (multi skilled Group C) - non grant of PB-1 with Grade Pay of Rs.1900: Staff Side pointed out the non-fixing of 1900 Grade Pay from 1.1.2006 for the BCR Group D who were in pre-revised scale of 3050. The Official Side agreed to our view and agreed to set right the anomaly.
12. Supervisory allowance for Head Postman/Overseer Postman:Not an anomaly and this has to be taken up separately.
13. TA/DA to Mail Overseer: Not an anomaly and this has to be taken up separately
14. Higher pay scale to PA/Sa Supervisory Posts: After discussion the Official Side agreed to send a reference for grant of Grade Pay 4200/- in PB-2 for LSG Supervisors.
15. Anomaly in fixation of Stenographers: The Official Side stated that the anomaly of Stenographers has been sorted out after the orders of Government to grant 4600/- Grade Pay to Private Secretaries. We pointed out that the anomaly of Grade II and Grade I remaining in same grade pay of 4200/- still remains. The Official Side has taken the position that since this is a common cadre and has to be taken up at higher level.
16. Grant of Pay Scale to drivers equal to Postal Assistant (reference in accordance with judgment of High Court of Madras): The official side pointed out that this is an issue pertaining to common cadre. Staff side pointed out the differences between MMS Drivers and Government staff Car Drivers in the nature of duties and that Drivers are exchanging mails also. Finally the official side agreed to refer the issue to nodal ministry for enhancing the Drivers Scale on par with Postman to pre-revised 3200 scale.
17. Lab Attendent: Official Side told a reference has already been made to nodal ministry in this regard.
18. Medical Store Keepers:Already issued.
19. Nurses: Already issued.

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