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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


All India Postal Joint Council of Action comprising of NFPE - FNPO Federations and their Affiliated Unions and GDS Unions has met today in the office of the FNPO in New Delhi.

Postal JCA analysed the following serious issues emerging before the Postal Employees and considered that the situation if not remedied would lead to an ultimate Strike Action and therefore a serious and  immediate All India Action in the shape of a Massive Protest Demonstrations before the Parliament during the ensuing Budget Session on 2.3.2010 should be jointly organised with all vigour and commitment.
The Postal JCA would write letters to Honourable MOC & IT; MOSC & IT; Cabinet Secretary; DOPT Secretary and also the Secretary DoP on the serious issues emerged before as follows:
1. GDS Issues: Down gradation of GDS SOs into GDS BOs; Unilateral introduction of Cash Handling Work Norms for BPMs and the rejection by the Department to modify the same causing huge financial loss to BPMs; Denial of correct Prorata wages to GDS; Disparity in PLB to GDS; and Non-Revival of GDS Departmental Committee  similar to the earlier ED Departmental Committee for negotiating all issues of GDS with the Department.
2. Casual Labourers Issue: The Department is unduly delaying orders on revision of wages to Full Time and Part Time Casual Labourers; Contingent workers and GDS Substitutes instead of following the statutory rulings on this issue.
3. Violation of Status Quo Agreement on RMS & MMS: There is a recent agreement through the official minutes supplied by the Department on the meetings held between the Secretary, Member [O] and the Staff Side  1.12.2009 accepting that the status quo situation on RMS & MMS would be ensured as on that day until the issue is discussed with the Staff Side by the Mail Consultancy. Contrary to this written assuranace, the Department in the name of some Official Work Shop conducted in Bangalore going ahead with disturbing the status quo including snatching the HSG-I Posts of General Line and handing over to ASPOs without amending any statutory Rulings on the issue.
4. Postmasters Cadre Creation: In spite of the stiff opposition from the Staff Side the Department has issued orders for creation of Postmasters Cadre from LSG to Group B -- The existing supervisory officials will be given one time option to get into the Postmasters Cadre or remain in the Non-Postmasters Cadre - All future vacancies of LSG Postmasters will be only through Competitive Examination and there would be no more seniority-cum-fitness promotion into the Postmasters Cadre.
5. General Attitude of DoP: The general attitude of the Department of Posts has become one of ignoring the Staff Side before taking any important decisions affecting the interest of the Postal Employees and the Services. Similarly no agreement signed or agreed upon with the STaff Side are being faithfully implemented. With this type of attitude the interests of entirety of Postal Employees is at stake.
1. Submitting detailed letters to Honourable MOC & IT; MOSC & IT; Cabinet Secretary; DOPT Secretary; & Secretary [P].
2. Holding Massive Protest Demonstration before the Parliament on 2.3.2010 during the ensuing Budget session of parliament - Inviting Honourable Members of Parliament seeking their intervention - Holding Protest Demonstrations all over the country on the same day and sending of the copy of the All India Letter to Honourable MOC&IT through Speed Post by all Branches and Divisions and Circles jointly.
3. Take a decision for Strike that should be decided by the next Postal JCA meeting if the above exercises turned futile.
4. A Detailed Circular by the Postal JCA would be released shortly.

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