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Friday, July 17, 2020



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1.    The claim is preferred on the form Appendix ‘A’ to AO 30/89
2.    The claim has been signed by the officer himself and countersigned by the Controlling Officer mentioned in Rule 6 of TR 2014.
3.    The claim is receipted by the Officer.
4.    Full details of family members (i.e. Name, Age, Relation etc) are filled in the claim.
5.    Dependency certificate mentioning income, for Father / Mother and children more than 21 years is enclosed.
6.    Details of leave sanctioned are mentioned on the claim, if officer is availing the LTC. Enclose the copy of Leave Certificate/ Leave DO II.
7.    All the Air / Railway tickets along with boarding pass are attached with the claim in original. Wait listed tickets of railway are not admissible for LTC, get confirmation of the same signed over the stamp by TT / Railway Auth.
8.    The adjustment claim is submitted within 30 days from the date of completion of return journey. Prefer separate claims for Self and Family if moves have taken place on different dates. If claim for any family member will be submitted at latter date mention the same.
9.    The details of advances taken for the move are invariably mentioned in the Tickets purchased through DTS (Air/Rail) should be treated as advance and incorporated in the claim by adding in the total amount claimed as well as in advances for proper adjustment.
10. The air tickets must be booked through Booking Counter/direct website of operating air line or through Govt. Authorised travel agents i.e. Balmer & Lawrie, Ashok Travels or IRCTC. Tickets booked through private agencies or private websites like com, yatra.com, Udchalo etc are not admissible.
11. Air Tickets booked should not be more than LTC 80 fare. Officer can book tickets for lowest fare available on the date of booking which also should not be more than LTC 80 rates.
12. Onward and return journey should be done in the same chronology and claim of return journey first & onward journey at latter date is not
LTC to Home town 177 A
13. The Officer and his dependant family members can travel from duty station to home town once in year.
14. Officer posted in field area can travel from duty station to his home town or Family members residing at SPR can travel from SPR to home town.
15. Officer and family members can travel on different dates, however return journey of family members should be completed within six months only.
16. Home town declared by the officer at the time of commissioning is treated as his declared home town, if the same has been changed get it notified through DO part II.
17. Journey up to the home town has to be shown( may be under own arrangement) in the claim if same differs from NRS/ nearest Air Port for which claim has been preferred.
LTC to Anywhere in India 177 B
18. The Officer and spouse & children can travel from duty station to any station in India once in alternate year in which LTC to home town is not availed.
19. LTC under 177B is not admissible to parents and other dependent family members.
20. Officer and spouse & children can travel at different dates in batches but all the members have to visit the same station only. Return journey of family members must be within six months.
21. Officers posted in field area can travel from their duty station to visit station and their family members can travel from SPR/hometown to visit station.
22. Journey performed by circular routes is not admissible. Officer has to choose one destination and LTC is admissible from duty station to that destination by direct shortest route only.
LTC to Officer posted in field area 177C
23. The Officer posted in field area and not residing with the family are entitle to avail LTC 177 C from their duty station to home/SPR in addition to LTC 177A or 177B.
24. The LTC is not admissible to those Officers who have been allotted Govt Accommodation at field unit and are residing with the families.
LTC in lieu of Home Town
25. Officers and their family members may avail LTC in lieu of home town to visit any place in NER / Andaman & Nicobar / Jammu & Kashmir by forgoing home town LTC of that year.
26. Officers whose home town and place of posting is the same are not allowed to avail this LTC.
27. Similarly Officers who are serving in field area and their families are residing at home town, family of these are officers are not allowed to avail this LTC, as family do not have title for home town LTC.
28. Journey can be undertaken to J & K, NER, A&N by private airlines however fare will be restricted to LTC 80 fares only. Provisions of purchase of a ticket from authorised agent / Air Line are not relaxed.
29. LTC in lieu of home town can be split by family members, i.e. officer can avail LTC 177A to visit his home town /SPR and family residing at SPR can avail the LTC in lieu of home town to visit J&K, A&N, NER.
LTC for children studying and staying at hostel
30. Children of the officers staying in hostel can visit the duty station / home town of the officer during the vacation.
31. Claim is to be supported with certificate from Educational Institute regarding child is studying and stating in hostel.
32. LTC not admissible for journey performed for getting admission or leaving Institute after completion.
33. Children availing this concession are not entitled for other LTCs ( 177A or 177B )

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