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Monday, July 6, 2020

Ref: P/4-5/PLI/RPLI                                                                                              Dated – 06.07.2020


The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001

Sub: -  Suggestions on new Promotional and Incentive Structure of PLI/RPLI.

Ref: -   i. PLI Directorate letter No. 28-03/2019-LI, dated 19.6.2020
            ii. PLI Directorate letter No. 28-03/2019-LI ( 1 ), dated 26.6.2020


Expressing serious concern on frequent changes of policies related to PLI / RPLI from DO (PLI) to Group Leader and vice versa, this Union would like to draw your attention towards the Directorate letter under reference (i) on the above subject that with change of incumbency in the PLI Directorate, frequent experiments are being done at the sweet will of the authorities which has affected the growth of PLI /RPLI business largely.

It is worth mentioning here that though a new promotional structure had been introduced vide PLI Directorate F. No. 28-6/2014-LI, Dated 10.8.2016 the said new structure, as per information available with us could not be implemented till date in some Circles like U.P, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir. Some Circles have implemented the same too late. While Delhi Circle implemented during December 2018, Maharashtra Circle implemented it in November 2019. Before, waiting for the outcome of the recent changes, now again PLI Directorate has issued another order on Promotional and Incentive Structure of PLI/RPLI vide letter under reference ( i ). We do apprehend that this new structure might be changed during next one or two years with change of incumbency and leaving the PLI / RPLI market as a testing ground of the directorate.

Thus, we are of the opinion that frequent changes in the marketing policies and incentive structures in PLI / RPLI are not good for growth of the business. Similarly, change of nomenclature from DO (PLI) to Group Leader and vice-versa may not solve the core issues. The present structure has de-motivated the existing workforces in the grass root level who are actually responsible for increasing insurance business in India Post.

This Union has the following concerns that are required to be addressed properly.

1.      The IPs and ASPOs who were earlier debarred from procuring PLI / RPLI business are now included in the list of Sales forces vide Para – 4 under Annexure – I of the Directorate letter under reference (i). But unfortunately, the same principle has not been adopted for the Group Leaders under Para-10 (i) of Annexure-II of the said letter. The GLs/DOs(PLI) may also be allowed to procure PLI/RPLI business without any discrimination.

2.      As per Para-5 under Annexure – I of the Directorate letter under reference, the sales forces of PLI / RPLI can procure business within their respective Postal Divisions and in case they want to procure business outside the division, they have to take permission from the ADM / DDM and the proposals collected from other Divisions are to be indexed in the concerned CPC where the insurants reside. The sales forces should not be restricted to procure business only within his Postal Division to which they belong since such restrictions on their movement may squeeze the volume of business. As such, there should be no restriction on the movement of the sales forces and indexing of proposals. For growth of business, this should be left to the convenience of the DO (PLI).
3.      As enunciated in Para-3 of Annexure – II of the Directorate letter under reference the shortfall in sanctioned post of DO (PLI) including both the existing 185 posts and proposed creation of one post in each Division in a Circle will be manned by PACO cadre failing which one PA from the concerned Postal Division will be earmarked as such.

i.      It is needless to reiterate that the Postal Divisions are running with acute shortage of staff after frequent diversion of posts towards System Administrators, Business / Marketing Executives, PLI / CBS CPC Supervisors including P As working in such CPCs, POPSKs, Aadhaar Centres, different Hubs and Nodal Delivery Centres etc. Thus, the present method of earmarking another PA as DO (PLI) in each Division will add to the shortage of PA.
ii.    Secondly as a matter of principle, the sanctioned posts should not be managed through deputation / diversion from the existing establishment on permanent nature. Rather, regular recruitment should be made against such posts.
iii.  As such, this Union suggests to declare these deputed / diverted posts of DO (PLI) as clear vacancy in the establishment of the concerned Postal Division with adoption of recruitment process against such vacancy from year to year to save the Divisions from facing shortage of staff. iv. The Circle Head should make recruitment of D.O (PLI) centrally for fair selection by written and interview which was being done earlier.

4.      Instead of making the DO (PLI) a Divisional Cadre post, it should be a circle cadre post and a circle level officer like ADM / DDM for effective monitoring should control them including writing of APAR and sanction of leave, TA, DA etc. since in most of the cases, PACO cadre may manage it.

5.      The upper age limit and tenure now prescribed for the new DO (PLI) should not be applicable to the existing DO (PLI) alias Group Leaders and the Department needs to exploit the valuable experience of such senior Group Leaders for growth of PLI/RPLI business. It may be noted that while a P A gains ample marketing knowledge and efficiency after being selected and worked as DO (PLI) for 3 to 5 years, he / she should not be deprived of exploiting his vast marketing experience for the benefit of the Department. Rather, the Department, for improvement of PLI/RPLI business should properly utilize his / her experience and efficiency.

Therefore, the conditions in Para- 8 of Annexure – II of PLI Directorate letter under reference (i) clarified vide Para-3 (ii) of letter under reference (ii) is required to be reconsidered.

6.    On selection as DO (PLI), the pay of the P As should be fixed at next level as previously done treating them as LSG Cadre. This will motivate them to perform better. Therefore, the conditions in Para-9 under Annexure-II of the PLI Directorate letter under reference (i) need to be reconsidered.

7.    The D.O (PLI) should be given free hand to enroll agents whenever he finds a suitable person in course of his visit since due to the old method of recruitment of agents through Divisional Heads, we have achieved no satisfactory result so far even after 17 years of introduction.

8.    Minimum target in first year to third year may be fixed for agents to continue agency for retention of serious business oriented agents.

It is therefore requested to kindly cause suitable instructions in this regard.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(R. N. Parashar)
General Secretary

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