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Friday, May 16, 2008


Dear Comrades - I am enclosing the latest Circular released by the NFPE on 16th May 2008 hereunder. Circle Secretaries are requested to circulate the same to all their branch and divisional Secretaries.
General Secretary


NATIONAL  FEDERATION  OF  POSTAL   EMPLOYEES                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001


             PF-01 (e)/7/2008   Dated May 15, 2008


All General / Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries

NFPE Unions



Dear Comrades,

The Re-Verification of membership is hectically going on and the NFPE Headquarters is receiving encouraging information that in many Circles our comrades have obtained letter of authorization from new members. The efforts of our rank and file comrades despite the scorching summer in many parts of the country are commendable. However the task is still incomplete. The other unions and federations also are taking the issue very seriously and on the field to boost their respective positions. It shall be our endeavour to ensure that the supremacy in certain wings by way of our status of being the only recognised union or association is maintained in tact and to improve our position in all other unions and associations at the same time.

NFPE has taken a lot of initiative to form new associations for SBCO and Civil Wing Employees. The Postal Civil Wing Employees Association has already collected more than necessary letters of authorization to stake its claim for recognition as number one union. The task is still on with regard to All India Postal SBCO Employees Association and the role of all Circle and Divisional / Branch Secretaries of all NFPE unions in general and the P3 in particular is very crucial in elevating this newly formed NFPE union to the status of the recognized association. NFPE requests your initiative and serious action.

The Department of Posts has made it clear that the JCM representation in all forums of JCM will be subjected to the outcome of this ongoing verification. Since the NFPE is now recognised by the Government under the CCS [RSA] Rules, 1993, increased membership for NFPE unions will alone ensure more JCM representation to our unions in the Departmental Council and the Regional Councils.

Our comrades are requested to take another round of "Meet Every Employee" Campaign and ensure more enrollments immediately. We are confident that our rank and file leaders and active comrades are capable of accomplishing the task. 


Comrades are once again reminded to immediately rush sending advertisements to the Special Issue of Postal Crusader June issue to be brought out in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the demise of Comrade Adinarayana. Circle Secretaries are requested to approach all Postal Cooperative Societies and Banks for obtaining a full-page advertisement from them.  Time is running out and comrades are requested to attach more importance to this task of collecting "One Ad for One Branch Union". Postal Crusader will highlight the names of the performing Branch Secretaries in July issue.


Comrades! The existing situation of non-sending due quota to NFPE by many branches should change. The call for 10/- per member NFPE Donation is still not received from many branches and divisions in various circles. NFPE cannot function without funds. All our branches are requested to send quota every month and also the special donation immediately.


All branches and circle unions shall effectively implement NFPE Call focusing the attention on modifications sought in the Pay Commission's Recommendations from 27th May to 29th May. As per the Secretary [Personnel] announcement interaction with each department shall be completed by15th June to enable the Secretaries Committee to take a final position by 30th June 2008. NFPE has sent its note seeking modifications to the Secretary [P]. We want to interact with the Department on our request for modification and therefore the effective implementation of the programme and sending of the Savingrams to Secretary [P] will help more focus on the issues.


All Circle Unions of NFPE and FNPO have served a strike notice for Indefinite Strike on a 22-point charter of demands including notional promotion, filling up of residual vacancies, GDS vacancies, regularization of casual labourers etc. The Indefinite Strike shall commence from 21.05.2008. NFPE intervened with the Directorate and the Secretary [P] and Member [P] assured to instruct the Chief Postmaster General Andhra to hold discussions with all the Circle Unions for a settlement. Both the Secretaries General of NFPE and FNPO met the above on 14.05.2008 also and were assured by the Secretary [P] that the Chief PMG will be advised to discuss with our circle unions.


Secretary General attended from Staff Side representing NFPE in the All India Postal Welfare Board meeting held on 14.05.2008. Honourable Minister of Communications & IT chaired the meeting and Honourable Minister of State for Communications & IT also attended. Secretary [P], Member [P] and other higher officers of the department attended. The meeting is being held after a gap of 6 years and the staff side pointed out the delay. Honourable Ministers were much concerned with the delay and instructed to hold the meeting regularly in future once in six months. They also instructed that in future all the subjects should be discussed well in advance with the Staff Side and to come to the Board Meeting with complete suggestions for approval. Secretary General NFPE sought relief from the Honourable Minister for financial compensation and other relief for the postal official suffered permanent injury by letter-bomb blast in Bhubaneshwar [Orissa], bullet wounds in Satna [MP] and flood affected in Assam and gave a detailed letter to the Ministers and the Secretary [P]. Enhancements in financial assistance on death etc are accepted in principle in the meeting, which would be decided within two months. After the close of the meeting the Secretary General requested the Honourable Minister of State for a special interview with the representatives of NFPE that he agreed. We intend to raise selective important issues before the Minister shortly. 


We request the Circle Secretaries kindly to circulate this circular to all their divisional and branch Secretaries. 

With Regards,                                                                                              

Yours Comradely,



Secretary General







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