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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ref: P/4-1/Staff                                                                                      Dated - 21.05.2008


To,                                                                                             IMMEDIATE/URGENT


The All Circle Secretaries,

All CHQ Office Bearers


Dear Comrades,


Sub: - Filling up of LSG/HSG II/HSG I - Position in Circles - information called for.


1.      HSG II/HSG I Promotions: -

The Directorate vide D.O. letter No. 4-3/2028-SPB II dt. 21.04.08 instructed the Circles to convene DPC meetings for HSG II & HSG I immediately and furnish the following informations forthwith to the Directorate.





1.      Sanctioned Strength



2.      No. of Vacancies as on 01.01.2008



3.      No. of LSG/HSG II officials eligible for promotion.



4.      No. of officials promoted by DPCs.



5.      Total No. of officials in Position.

(i)                  Regular

(ii)                Adhoc



6.      No. of vacancies still lying vacant.




7.   Reasons if the Posts are still lying          vacant.




Based on the above directions, the DPC process, as learnt, has been started now in many circles. All Circle Secretaries are requested to verify the process and collect the details and communicate to CHQ for further processing. If more number of HSG II posts have not been filled up, we may seek exemption for one time filling up from the Department of Personnel for which complete particulars figures are urgently required. This statistics may please be sent on or before 05.06.2008.


2.      LSG Promotions:

The Directorate is in receipt of replies from all the Circles that they have completed the process of notional promotions right from 1984 and LSG promotions were properly accorded. In Orissa, there is a problem in granting notional promotion. Please intimate whether the exercise of Notional promotion is over in your circle and all LSG Posts have been filled up. If not what is the reason? Please reply expeditiously and not later than 05.06.2008.


3.      Verification of Notional Promotion:

Many Circles have replied to Directorate that the exercise of notional promotion was over and there is no complaint for re-verification of the same as contained in Dte. Letter no. 139-4/2006-SPB II dt. 22.05.07. Please intimate what is the real position in your Circle `and if there is any lapse on part of Administration, please intimate with full details.


In the absence of any evidence, documents or materials, we could not challenge the Administration.


The verification of Notional Promotion can be properly exercised or checked only by the Divisional Unions on the following methods.


1.      Collect the Gradation lists from 1983 to 2002.

2.      There may be surplus in LSG in between 1983 to 1991 as the Department surrendered 15% LSG for TBOP on 30.11.83 and 5% LSG for BCR w.e.f 01.10.91 as matching savings. This should be checked about the existence of supernumerary posts.

3.      Start the exercises right from 1991 and place the officials in the vacant norm based LSG posts according to seniority. If the list is prepared year wise and replacing the officials on promotion, retirement, death etc of the officials, the date of notional promotion for the serving employees could be found easily. Arrive the list up to 2002 and if there is any mistake, advise the divisional secretaries to challenge and set right the notional promotion at divisional level first and if not, take up with Circle administration immediately.


If any divisional secretary complaints about irregularity in notional promotion, you advise them on the above lines and on receipt you can take up with your circle administration. The exercise of notional promotion is not an one time exercise and it can be rectified at any time.


Therefore in respect of any anomaly in granting notional LSG promotions, you are requested to furnish details at once. Otherwise it will be treated as settled in respect of your Circle. Your reply is requested positively on or before 05.06.2008.


Please note that the Directorate is showing the Communications received from the Circles that the process of LSG notional promotion, Filling up of LSG/HSG II/ HSG I Posts were over and there is no complaint from the staff side and also from the officials in the respective Circles.


So, in case of any pending or irregularities on the above, the Circle Secretary should furnish details immediately otherwise the onus of responsibility lies on the shoulders of the Circle Secretaries. Please act swiftly and intimate the correct position of your circle positively on or before 01.06.2008.


4.      Filling up of Residual Vacancies

In many Circles, the process has been completed and the Residual Vacancies were filled. The Directorate order vide letter No. 60-5/2007-SPB I. Dt. 15.05.07 is crystal clear and there is no more clarification required on the subject.


When the A.P. Circle Administration is releactant to fill up 1045 PA Posts under residual vacancies, the JCA resorted agitation. Finally the Chief PMG agreed to fill up the vacancies as per the directions of the Directorate. The copy of the minutes has been forwarded to you. The extract of the minutes is reproduced hereunder for your ready reference.


Immediate filling up of Residual Vacancies in A.P. Circle

After thorough discussions with the services unions and hearing their views as noted below, the following decision was taken.


a.       No particular post has been kept totally vacant because work is always generated against the posts.


b.      The process of recruitment had been started well within one year and these are Departmental Promotional Vacancies, which do not attract the provisions of the Screening Committee.


c.       The posts were not abolished formally. So the question of revival as per the establishment rules, does not arise. This context is totally different. A reference was made from A.P. Circle only, because the previous CPMG had viewed it other wise. This is not the stand taken by any other Circle. But recruitment was done for promotional vacancies even after one year as ascertained from other Circles also such as Karnataka Circle. There is a genuine grievance about the large number of vacancies, which justifies the stand taken by A.P. Circle in revising the earlier order and going ahead with the recruitment process for promotional vacancies. This view has been endorsed orally many a time by Member (P), the then DDG (P), Present DDG(P) and also recorded in the file by DPS (HQR). This was also the view of the Secretary(P) when this matter was discussed on 14.05.08 at New Delhi by CPMG. Therefore, a decision has been taken to go ahead with the recruitment process, which was already initiated by conducting LGO examinations every year. Later, after the meeting, DDG(P), Shri Kamlesh called the CPMG and stated that the stand taken by CPMG is his view also and that he may be quoted also in the minutes.


After our intervention with member (P) & other officers, all the Officers right from the Secretary to DDGs in the Directorate have caused instructions to fill up all the residual vacancies without instructed resorting any clarifications further. The issue remains settled.


On the basis of the above, in the remaining circles where the recruitment is not over, the Circle Secretaries are requested to discuss with the Chief PMGs and insist for immediate action to fill up the posts immediately.


If there is no response, the CHQ may be informed with full details for further intervention in this regard. A report on this subject may be sent to CHQ positively before 05.06.2008.


I fervently trust that the Circle Secretaries will rise up to the occasion and feed the CHQ with proper reply and datas for effective settlement of the problems. Please treat this most important & urgent.


With regards,



(K V Sridharan)

General Secretary

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