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Thursday, August 21, 2008


At the call of the NFPE, the Postal Employees all over the country reacted with determination and commitment in participating the the one-day strike on 20th August 2008. P3 CHQ and NFPE congratulate all the employees, who are members as well as non-members of our Unions / Associations,  who joined the strike in response to its call.
NFPE is aware of the tremendous pressure put on the CG Employees in general and the Postal Employees in particular through the announcement of the Union Cabinet decision to implement the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission. The Government had timed the announcement just on the eve of the strike with clear intention to weaken the resolve of the CG Employees from going ahead with the strike. NFPE is also aware of some vacillating and weaker forces inside our movement, which could not stand up against the pressure mounted by the Government. NFPE is also aware of some anti-struggle forces which always criticise any decision of the NFPE or Confederation to join hands with the National Trade Union Centres and All India Federations and Unions of Public Sector Employees and State Government Employees & Teachers for common issues as political and make all out efforts to sabotage such common movement launched in defence of safeguarding our interests on the face of mounting attack of globalisation and liberalisation.
Therefore the successful launch of strike on 20th August 2008 by lakhs of Postal Employees including Gramin Dak Sewaks is a big feat and achievement. In comparison to earlier strikes against the neo-liberal policies the strike on 20th August 2008 is a big leap forward as this strike has been launched in the backdrop of announcement of implementation of recommendations of pay commission.
CHQ and NFPE congratulates all such  brave membership and the rank and file leadership of all our branches / divisions / circles who with single mindedness and commitment organised the strike with utmost discipline. It is such disciplined and committed leaders and workers who are the pillars of our great organisation 'NFPE'.
The strike was total and complete in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. In fact there was complete Bandh and every activity including transportation on road, sea and air came to a grinding halt. The strike was total in Assam including the administrative offices and there was a near bandh like situation outside. The North Eastern Circle registered a tremendous strike with 5 out of 7 States of NE went on hundred percent strike and the remaining two States more than 85% strike. Even the difficult terrained Nagaland recorded 100% strike. In Bihar there was a total bandh all over the state and news media reported total strike in various sectors and postal operations were hit harshly. There was total strike of postal employees in Chhattisgarh Circle. The Andhra Circle went on a magnificent strike with more than 90% strike and 99% strike by the administrative employees. Despite open and subtle efforts by some NFPE leaders to weaken the strike in Tamilnadu, many divisions organised highly successful strike and showed that no force can stop the entirety of postal workers from joining strikes as disciplined soldiers of NFPE. The strike was 80% successful in Madhya Pradesh. Orissa organised a good strike and 100% strike recorded in RMS and Administrative offices in Orissa. Bhubaneswar GPO was total strike and Bhubaneswar City Postal also total strike. Jharkhand 50% strike in postal. In Karnataka more than 80% workers went on strike in RMS and the strike percentage was comparatively less in Postal due to confusion and vacillations shown by certain Circle leadership. The strike percentage was more than 60% in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Gujrat and more than 40% in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh in RMS. The Postal Accounts of Delhi recorded 80% strike.  We have information the participation of postal side is comparatively less in these circles. For a complete strike participating figures NFPE requests all Circle Secretaries to send comprehensive written report by mail or email to NFPE and respective CHQs immediately. 
We have done our duty and performed on the face of such adverse conditions. The path of united struggles has to be further strengthened on the face of renewed determination of the Government to go ahead with speedy pension reforms and other economic reforms within a few months before the general elections. Only with stronger unity and sustained struggle, we will be able to defend our social security rights and also the existence of our services in the near future.
  Our CHQ and NFPE once again red salutes all strikers and extends a warm congratulation for the rank and file leadership which showed determination in carrying out the strike call. We are proud of you comrades.



Respected Comrade,
I do congratulate you for your valuable message on the eve of the ensuing strike.Hope, this will certainly accelerate the struggle movement.

Your messages to us at Kolkata GPO was certainly appreciable.

But Kindly make it clear the concept of ACP. My service is of 14 years in P.A. I am a direct recruit. What will be my benefits in future and what are the disadvantage I may face?

Inquilab Jindabad

Comradely yours,
Nilanjan Mukherjee
P.A Computer Cell,
Kolkata GPO

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