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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Dear Comrades - The rediff news says that the Government may defer implementation of pay commission recommendations for one or two years to reduce the estimated 28% additional fiscal burden. The rediff news correspondents refer to senior government sources to say that the date of effect might be 1.1.2008 instead of 1.1.2006. We have no authenticated information so far about the correctness of the above rediff news article. But any decision on the part of the Government to reject the recommendation on date of effect from 1.1.2006 should bring about a united and strong agitation of the entirety of Central Government Employees including Railway Men and Defence workers. Those who want to read the rediff news item may click on

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Ananta Nag said...

This is nothing but wild speculation. No responsible Government can take such drastic measure. It may well be another dirty left-propaganda to put pressure on the Government. Actually the news seems to have been feeded by the left parties in order to whip up sympathy wave for their strike call on 20th August. Ruling Left parties in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura will be in trouble once the recommendations of 6th Central Pay Commissions are implemented. Demands for setting up State Pay Commission will then surface which is certainly bad news for these cash strapped state governments. So, I don't think there is any reason to be disappointed from this news. Let's be patient till 15th August speech of our honourable Prime Minister ~ there may be some good news in store for us cg employees!

Anonymous said...

Just as I wrote in my previous comment, pay commission awards were finally declared on the eve of independence day celebration !

It IS the left parties especially the CPM who are responsible for delaying the declaration of pay commission awards. And finally the strike of 20th August seems futile. Let the good sense prevail over these commies. Amen !