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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The Historic Strike has begun now.


NFPE red salutes the heroes of strike


Government tried to disrupt the unity of struggle platform by announcing pay commission implementation on the eve of strike on 14th august 2008 – but cg employees including postal staff proved in many circles that they are not selfish lot to get divided and separated from the rest of the indian working class.


NFPE congratulates circle secretaries and divisional and branch secretaries who like disciplined soldiers of our militant organization acted to make the strike total success. Initial reports received at about 8 AM are given below:


Jharkhand Circle GDS Circle Secretary Arun Kumar Tiwari reported total strike in Postal and other industries in Jharkhand Circle and whole state come to a stand still due to bandh by left parties.


Chhattisgarh P-4 Circle Secretary reports that the entire circle recorded a very good strike.


Comrade Mohandas Deputy Circle Secretary of Tamilnadu P-4 Circle reported that his native division Thanjavur recorded very good strike in P4 and GDS.


All Circle Secretaries and Divisional / Branch Secretaries are requested to send SMS to P3 CHQ:09868545552 and NFPE: 09868819295 or 09444919295] or E-mail to kayveeyes@gmail.com and nfpehq@gmail.com about the strike situation in their places for updating in the NFPE Website periodically.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Respected Comrade,
Red salute. Barring 3 SOs with FNPO members,70 SOs including almost all the 144 BOs of Bhubaneswar Division were totally closed.Bhubaneswar GPO was paralysed. Members of NFPE of the Circle Office took active paricipation this time adding to the glory of Bhubaneswar. I am sending an e-mail separately with details.
With revolutionary greetings.
Comradely yours
Bruhaspati Samal
D/S, Bhubaneswar