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Tuesday, August 19, 2008





NFPE has been adopting the correct line of total working class unity and struggle against the globalisation and liberalisation in order to protect our existence and survival. We struggle against our services being privatised and all our rights and benefits are being crushed. Only due to our consistent struggle since 1992 by forging unity with the entirety of the working class of this country, the existence of various CG Departments including Postal is still alive against plans for corporatization and magnificent outsourcing plans.


We know that we have been under attack for the past two decades from the powerful international neo-liberal Agents. Globalisation and liberalisation wants to attack the existence of Government Services and Public Sector Services. Our Pension is under attack. They have temporarily succeeded in privatising the pension of new employees entered in service from 1.1.2004.  Now they want to privatise the pension altogether by adopting the pension reform bill. Telecom shares are being earmarked for sales. Banks and LIC are also targeted for Foreign Direct Investment. Ten lakhs of Group D posts in the Central Services are under attack. Pay commission has openly recommended for outsourcing of Group D functions.  They want to link our bonus and salary also to performance. The Medical benefits of Government Employees are now under attack after pay commission recommending for medi-insurance schemes.


Disciplined Army alone wins wars – This is History. Even a very big indisciplined Army could be defeated by a disciplined small army.


Wars are made up of many battles – To win a war an Army has to win several battles one after another. Never one should underestimate the capacity of enemy to counter our moves and to defeat us. Always expect the tuff opposition from the enemy. Remember that when the going gets tuff, the tuffer gets going.


Strategy is very important in winning wars. Without a sound strategy no army had ever won a war.


Trade Union Struggles are comparable to waging wars. We should have a strong strategy for the struggle. Strategy includes building a strong united platform of all possible forces representing different organisations. Unity is might. Without unity it is impossible to defeat the powerful employer. In our case the employer is the most powerful and resourceful Government itself. Therefore without a proper strategy and without building a united front of many organisations, we can never win a trade union war.


Since the Postal and a section of CG Employees alone cannot fight back such a serious attack, we naturally join hands with all working class and employees of public sector and also with the State Government Employees and Teachers. And we form a Charter of Demands for all sections. The Government want to play the old game of divide and rule. It had timed the announcement of implementation of pay commission recommendations just on the eve of the Strike with the intention of dividing the CG Employees from the path of struggle.  That too without even accepting the basic modifications sought for by the staff side on minimum wage, fixation benefit etc.


The Government wants that immediately we drop the weapon of struggle and surrender and stand by the side of the Government by deserting our brothers and sisters. The Government wants us to become betrayers now. Pay Commission is our right. It is not the benevolence of the Government. Therefore by announcing the implementation of pay commission, we cannot leave the platform of unity with all other working class brothers and sisters like selfish and self-cantered people.


NFPE has got traditions. Has got history of sacrifice. Has got the image of vanguard of CG Employees. NFPE will play its role of militant and class conscious trade union organisation. NFPE will continue to take forward the struggle call of the Confederation. NFPE will stand firm in organising total strike on 20th August in line with the entirety of working class organisations on struggle. Therefore NFPE appeals all Circle Secretaries and other leading rank and file leadership to fall in line in implementing the call of strike fully and whole heartedly as disciplined soldiers of this great organisation. History expects such a commendable role only from the entire rank and file of our organisation. After organising total strike all comrades are requested to send emails to the NFPE about the strike situation at their levels to enable us to give an all-India picture to all our comrades through our website.


With Revolutionary Strike Greetings to all our militant and class conscious comrades.

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Unknown said...

Respected Comrade,
I do congratulate you for your valuable message on the eve of the ensuing strike.Hope, this will certainly accelerate the struggle movement. Bhubaneswar Division, in its Working Committee meeting on 14.08.2008 and General Body meeting on 18.08.2008 addressed by the Circle Secretaries of NFPE unions unanimously resolved to make the strike a grand success to keep our banner above all others.All my counterparts are sincerely regulating today through out the Division. With detailed clarification of the justification of 13 point charter of demands, the Circle / Divisional Secretaries of our sister unions have been requested personally by me for extending their support. We are certainly going to maintain our tradition.
We solemnly swear,
"Oh Comrades ! This is the time to promise a lot,
To march ahead till success without ‘ if ’ or ‘ but’.
Struggle has not ended yet and miles to go,
N F P E is N F P E, Comrades ! We have to show."
With Revolutionary Greetings.
Comradely yours,
Bruhaspati Samal
D/S, AIPEU, Group-C
Bhubaneswar Division ( orissa )