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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The following update of strike situation as reported by Comrades from different Circles are furnished:
1. ASSAM: Comrade Sailia Assam P3 Circle President reports 100% strike by NFPE in Assam. Comrade G.Talukdar AGS R3 reports that Guwahati Circle Office, Dibrugarh HPO, Guwahati GPO and all Post Offices in the Assam Circle total strike and in RMS near total strike. He also reports that including FNPO members throughout the circle participated in strike.  Only a very few FNPO members in Guwahati RMS, Tezpur RMS, NL RMS, NBG RMS reported for duty. It is also reported that outside in the entire Assam it wears a bandh like situation.
2. ANDHRA: Comrade Panduranga Rao Circle Secretary GDS reports that the strike is upto 90% in many divisions. According to preliminary reports the circle average of strike is 65%. Comrade D.A.S.V.Prasad Circle Secretary P3 reports that 98% of NFPE Members constituting more than 70% of total employees in the Circle are on strike. Comrade K.Ramachandram Circle Secretary Admn Union reports 99% strike of administrative employees..
3. BENGAL: Comrade Nirmal De Circle Secretary P4 reports total strike in entire West Bengal Circle. Due to bandh including flights and all kinds of transportation is paralysed. All Post Offices are closed. Comrade Bardhan Circle Secretary R3 reports total strike in RMS in the entire Circle.
4. CHHATTISGARH: Comrade Kumbakhar Circle Secretary P4 reports very good strike in the entire Circle.
5. JHARKHAND: Strike is Partial.
6. KERALA: Comrade M.Krishnan P3 Circle Secretary and All India President reports total bandh in Kerala Circle and all HPOs including Thiruvanandhapuram GPO, Chief PMG Office total strike. No transportation due to bandh also.
7. NORTH EAST: Comrade Ramani Bhattacharyya Circle Secretary P3 reports that the strike is total in 5 States of NE Circle and above 85% in Shillong. The entire Circle Office is 100% strike after a long time.Comrade Debnath and Tapas Nath from Tripura report 100% strike in entire Tripura and due to picketing even the FNPO members could not attend office. The DPS also did not enter office and even the control room could not function.
8. TAMILNADU: Comrade Ramaswamy President P3 Divisional President reports total strike in Erode Division. Widespread strike reported in many divisions. Despite some forces attempted to sabotage the strike, good amount of postal employees including GDS are on strike in Tamilnadu.

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