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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Dear Comrades - NFPE calls upon all the Circle Unions, Divisional Unions and Branch Unions to observe 14th August as "HIGHLIGHT 20th AUGUST STRIKE CHARTER DAY" throughout the country. Hold vibrant demonstrations in front of Circle / Regional Offices / Postal Accounts / Divisional Offices / HPOs / HROs/ and all major Postal / RMS / MMS offices and explain the 13 Point Charter of Demands to our employees. Invite CHQ Office Bearers / Circle Office Bearers of NFPE Unions and also the leaders of other CG Organisations and State Government Employees & Teachers Organisations to our meetings. Create a momentum before the strike. Galvanize the whole atmosphere to ensure 100% workers participation in the 20th August Strike. The success of the strike should be a befitting lesson to the Government that wants to speed up the neo-liberal reforms and pass several anti-employee financial bills including privatization of pension bill within next eight months. Organize - Educate - Agitate - and ensure Total Strike. The NFPE Call for Highlight Strike Demands Day is reproduced below:

National Federation of Postal Employees

       1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, North Avenue, New Delhi – 110001



 Circular No.PF-1(e)/9/2008    Dated 5th August 2008




All NFPE Office Bearers / General Secretaries / Circle / Regional / Divisional / Branch Secretaries of NFPE Unions.





Dear Comrades,


NFPE and all its Affiliated Unions / Associations as well as the GDS Union have served Strike Notice on the Secretary Department of Posts on 4.8.2008 after holding a demonstration in front of Dak Bhawan.


The Charter of Demands now contains 13 issues. The 13 Point Charter is reproduced overleaf. Price Rise, Ban on Recruitment, Pay Commission, GDS issues, New trend of intensification of Neo-liberal attacks, Screening Committee, Compassionate Appointments etc are to be propagated amongst the postal employees in order to build the Strike Tempo. In addition there are disturbing media reports about the intention of Government to postpone the implementation of pay commission recommendations and this also needs to be effectively combined with the other demands of the Charter. Our web sites will carry day-to-day developments and Secretaries are requested to closely follow them for immediate up-dates.


The aftermath of UPA's trust vote victory in Parliament is heralding a serious attack on the interests of the CG Employees. The Honourable Ministers including the Prime Minister of India and the Finance Minister have advocated fast tracking the neo-liberal reforms. This means effort to adopt the financial bills including on pension reforms to privatize the pension of Government Employees. The protective umbrella so far available for the CG employees and Postal Employees stands removed because of the UPA managing a majority without left support. Now the challenge is to be taken up by the entirety of the CG Employees along with the working class and public sector employees. Any let up would cause irreparable damage to our interests within the next eight months.


The Demands Charter has been expanded. The National Convention of CG Employees and State Government Employees added four important demands. The NFPE has included two important demands. The CWC of GDS Union has included a demand. The entire Postal Employees require to be educated about the 13 Point Charter of Demands.


NFPE therefore calls upon the rank and file leaders to organise vibrant demonstrations in front of Circle / Regional offices / Postal Accounts / Divisional Offices / HPOs / HROs and all major Postal and RMS / MMS offices on 14.08.2008 throughout India to observe the day as "HIGHLIGHT 20th August STRIKE CHARTER DAY" as an important step to build momentum before the Strike. The Office Bearers of CHQ / Circle Unions of the respective circles as well as the leaders of other CG Organisations and State Government Employees Organisations may be invited to address these extensive demonstrations on the day.


Let us sink all differences amongst us and rise as a single man to defend our interests on the face of the imminent danger of accentuation of neo-liberal policies. The Circle Secretaries are kindly requested to immediately make out copies of this circular and send it to all divisional and branch secretaries of their circle.


With Strike Greetings

Yours Comradely,





Secretary General

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